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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Movie Reviewer

weee! Guess who has just signed up to get free movie rentals from Blockbusters for 2 weeks!
So for the next short while I will be reviewing my free films, starting with Jet Li - The Legend, The Job and Shawn Of The Dead. 3 completely different films, all hopfully quite good. The only question is, how many films can I get through in 2 weeks? And will I think the service good enough to pay £13.99 (per month) for the same deal? Who know, but I might get me some culture at last.

In other news, I am deffinatly moving into the downstairs bedroom next year, and so will be saving £20 per month. Hmmm so maybe I can afford those film rentals...

Right I have to go help out with a website for my sister
I'm sure I have some more stuff to "blog" later

Tra for now

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Housing Phones and Internet

Ho hum and where to start?
NTL have given free internet upgrades to all broadband users. Horay! This means that Dunstable home now has a 2mb connection and Cambridge home (when I get round to it) will have a 1mb connection! At last a speed that 5 students can all use together.
The only question now is, will I be living in the same house? Having two people move out and only 1 definite move in, means that we need to find someone else. Now we do have a prospective 5th but we are still not sure if she will be moving in. To ensure she does I may have to move rooms, going from the ensuite at the back upstairs to the downstairs room at the front. It would be a good room for me in a way as its downstairs which means that when I come back from gigs n things at small o'clock I am less likely to disturb people. Its also cheaper by £20 a month, which would be nice as I could do with the money, especially as I am looking at getting a new mobile phone.
See now I want to stay on my O2 tariff where I top up with £10 every month and get 300 free texts. Because thats pretty good deal, and I don't have to topup each month. But there are no cheap phones that I can get with O2. But IF I decide that its time to go contract, the phone I want (see rel link) is only available from Orange and to get it free I need a contract of over £25 per month.
Now the question is, can I afford it? and will I get £25 worth every month out of it? Bearing in mind that currently I spend about £10 every 3 months. Gah! Its so mind boggling. I think that in light of the above move, I will be able to afford it, and that if I had it I would use it.
I just have to hope that my current mobile doesn't die before then. Its going to be close.

And another thing, NTL are currently getting a good deal out of us at Thoday Street. Currently we are paying just over £40 p/m for internet and phone, and it would appear that for about £2.50 extra (or 50p each) we should be getting cable tv too!!! I am going to have to sort things out over the summer I think.

Well enough ranting for now, see ya
Dave out

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Is this love?

Good news people! I seem to have falling in love. Perfect in nearly every way. So easy to get on with. Pleasing to the eye. Curvaceous all over. Beautiful skin. Excellent taste in music.
However, I am not inclined to spend any money on my new found love.
"HOLD UP!" I hear you yell, "You can't be that much in love if you are not willing to part with money for your beloved!"
BUT when stoopid Apple are going to put DRM all over any music you buy from them, I'm just not willing to put up with that yet. So sorry iTunes, but NO I am not going to spend any money, how ever much you tempt me with your 79p songs.

Anyways see the related link (if the site is back up yet, i think it too a HUGE hit today) for the newest loophole round the DRM. Just need to wait for them to release a win32 build (cause I am too lazy to fiddle around with python stuff)

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this (and didn't get to excited)

Dave out
(listening to music on iTunes even now)

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Hey, for all of you who may have noticed, I am trying to use a bit of java to make my site a little bit more funky. In theory it changes the "banner"/photo thingy every time the page loads.

But annoyingly I am having difficulty using an external CSS. Sometimes it seems to show and sometimes it doesn't. I have my hunches, and am going to experiment.

So appologies for if it looks a bit rubbish at the moment. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Also if people think there is a problem with how the site displays, please let me know I have only tested this site on this (my desktop) pc. I'm also curious as to how fast the page loads.

*extended phone here*

now where was I? Yeah if you have any comments on the site, "its too slow" "its ugly, make it all orange" "I can see little green aliens" let me know. It would be much appreciated.
erm I can't think what else I was going to say now, so I think I will go to bed.

G.Night one and all

Speedy clicker

Beginner: 8 Seconds
Intermediate: 56 Seconds
Expert: 198 Seconds

I am happy. I broke all my current targets for minesweeper today. Under 10, 60 and 200 seconds. Idealy I want to do inter. and exp. in less than 40 and 100, but I have a long way to go to manage that.

In the meantime I am off to watch Super Volcano or somthing like that on BBC1

Go watch (if its not too late)


Friday, March 11, 2005

And there we have it

Its finished, as long as you don't look at the comments section yet.

My my, what a fun week it has been, what with working in the theatre, leading bible studies, eating lots of food at CU (we need more pudding parties I think) writings silly songs about not a lot and finishing this website and one for coursework, I am quite tired.
Its has been a good week though, I feel like I have acomplished much.

I was recently reading this when as you can see on the 4th of March mentions this! This is quite an addictive game, which you feel should be simple, yet its fiendishly hard. Now there are funny squeaks and cheers and other random noises from one of my housemates as she stuggles to complete the levels.

Anyway, I think I am going to go to be as I desrve to.

Night all

Monday, March 07, 2005


User- "omg this is funny! *URL DELETED*/cute.pif"
Me- "Did one of your friends send you a message saying this recently? 'omg this is funny! *URL DELETED*/cute.pif'"
User- " did you know?"
Me- "Did you click on it?"
User- " did you know?"
Me- "Did you know your pc now has a worm installed on it that goes by the name ofW32/Kelvir-A"
User- " that bad?"
Me- "Take a guess"

Actual conversation. 4 times. 1 Afternoon.
Buy this!! click here
Or this!! click here
Its not hard, and the software is so very good and so very easy to use. PLEASE!
*added note* If you have actually been infected please find your local friendly computer geek who will love the challenge of fixing your pc for you, while cursing you under his breath.

Today has not been a good day in many respects.
But in others it has been good. More news on that to follow another time.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Happy Birthday

its my big brothers birthday
so Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to my only reader!!
Happy Birthday to you

PS: Your pressie is on its way and should arrive today (but you know how the royal mail are)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mr. Slow

Firstly, a comedy link to a Google mirror. and yes it really does work.

Ah yes, last time I surfaced, I anounced I was seeing how quickly it would take to format and reinstall windows.

Well, it has turned out to be about a week. My chuffing CD drive died on my about half way through copying the windows files, which left me with a big useless metal case under my desk.
Oh well, by thursday I had a nice new shiny DVD reader/writer but by then I had lost the will to see how quickly it takes so its not untill now that I am happy with how its running again.

Over the last few days there have been a few interesting articles about overclocking your mini-mac, and once again I realise how much I want to get one. They only cost £600 for a decent one. So if there are any really generous people out there, I would be extremly grateful.

(break at 12:30 lunchtime)
(short intermission, while i continue to have a busy busy life)
(starting again at 2:30 next morning)

Ohh Ipod, actually even better than I thought. Got to play with one today. I just need to be convinced about the DRM and the price now, and I will get one. (thought if someone buys me a mac mini, then I might "have" to get one to complete the package.

Well, I have eaten quite a lot today, including a cooked lunch of rice n chicken and far to much cheesecake to top that off. The medium pizza to myself from pizza hut was probably abit to much, but tasted nice and company was most excellent.

But upon getting home I find that one of my lovely housemates has burn her arm with boiling water (not deliberatly) and now have gone to the hospital, the note says they reacon to be back by 10:30, but I am not sure if this means morning or evening.

This isn't a live journal but
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