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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Movie Reviewer

weee! Guess who has just signed up to get free movie rentals from Blockbusters for 2 weeks!
So for the next short while I will be reviewing my free films, starting with Jet Li - The Legend, The Job and Shawn Of The Dead. 3 completely different films, all hopfully quite good. The only question is, how many films can I get through in 2 weeks? And will I think the service good enough to pay £13.99 (per month) for the same deal? Who know, but I might get me some culture at last.

In other news, I am deffinatly moving into the downstairs bedroom next year, and so will be saving £20 per month. Hmmm so maybe I can afford those film rentals...

Right I have to go help out with a website for my sister
I'm sure I have some more stuff to "blog" later

Tra for now


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