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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Housing Phones and Internet

Ho hum and where to start?
NTL have given free internet upgrades to all broadband users. Horay! This means that Dunstable home now has a 2mb connection and Cambridge home (when I get round to it) will have a 1mb connection! At last a speed that 5 students can all use together.
The only question now is, will I be living in the same house? Having two people move out and only 1 definite move in, means that we need to find someone else. Now we do have a prospective 5th but we are still not sure if she will be moving in. To ensure she does I may have to move rooms, going from the ensuite at the back upstairs to the downstairs room at the front. It would be a good room for me in a way as its downstairs which means that when I come back from gigs n things at small o'clock I am less likely to disturb people. Its also cheaper by £20 a month, which would be nice as I could do with the money, especially as I am looking at getting a new mobile phone.
See now I want to stay on my O2 tariff where I top up with £10 every month and get 300 free texts. Because thats pretty good deal, and I don't have to topup each month. But there are no cheap phones that I can get with O2. But IF I decide that its time to go contract, the phone I want (see rel link) is only available from Orange and to get it free I need a contract of over £25 per month.
Now the question is, can I afford it? and will I get £25 worth every month out of it? Bearing in mind that currently I spend about £10 every 3 months. Gah! Its so mind boggling. I think that in light of the above move, I will be able to afford it, and that if I had it I would use it.
I just have to hope that my current mobile doesn't die before then. Its going to be close.

And another thing, NTL are currently getting a good deal out of us at Thoday Street. Currently we are paying just over £40 p/m for internet and phone, and it would appear that for about £2.50 extra (or 50p each) we should be getting cable tv too!!! I am going to have to sort things out over the summer I think.

Well enough ranting for now, see ya
Dave out


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