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Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday Week 1 of 12, Semester 5 of 6

Yes, I'm back. Oh yes I am.
After a long summer of working hard, no university related work mind, just money earning work, I'm back.

*has a quick look at what I have said previously*
*pop!* New font.
Ok so what have I done since I was last on here...not a lot. Moved into my newly painted room in Cambs, sorted out my uni timetable (which is pretty good actually), got ill (going to the docs on Thursday) seem to have broken the install of windows on my laptop :(
This is bad because I can't seem to be able to get back in to repair it and have had to format in order to use it, it also means that I have then used up one of my "authorisations" of my iTunes accounts.

I may also have lost some files on there, but hopfully I didn't have anything important on there (I doubt it, I usually have two copies of stuff)

*uggg* Drivers galore!! I wish Dell would provide a single download bundle with all the necesary drivers.

ANYWAY, I was, before the whole laptop issue came up, having a good (ish) day. Got up for my 9am lecture, which I don't actually mind because it is one of my lecturers that will actually turn up himself and teach us things that are useful/interesting. Then went into town, got me a new umbrella (I have this nack for loosing them) some work folders for this year, and then home for lunch. My afternoon lecture sucked a bit more though, really boring one about "Digital Technology for Music" which is really vague. Oh well.

Watched the first episode of Space Series 2 today! Hurrar! One of my house mates borrowed it from a co-orker which is great.

*several hours later* So Windows is nearly beaten into a working form at last. Took long enough.

This semester I will be doing 20 credits of "choose-your-own-module" which shall be fun. I plan to learn how to set up an "open-source" server which has streamable content on it, or something.
Also I am gonna start work on a database which can be used for searching this server and call it a final year project. So thats all for now, I really need to concentrate now on my laptop and finish getting it ready for this coming term.
*Reaches for pirate discs*
PS its 23:07 now!