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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Is this love?

Good news people! I seem to have falling in love. Perfect in nearly every way. So easy to get on with. Pleasing to the eye. Curvaceous all over. Beautiful skin. Excellent taste in music.
However, I am not inclined to spend any money on my new found love.
"HOLD UP!" I hear you yell, "You can't be that much in love if you are not willing to part with money for your beloved!"
BUT when stoopid Apple are going to put DRM all over any music you buy from them, I'm just not willing to put up with that yet. So sorry iTunes, but NO I am not going to spend any money, how ever much you tempt me with your 79p songs.

Anyways see the related link (if the site is back up yet, i think it too a HUGE hit today) for the newest loophole round the DRM. Just need to wait for them to release a win32 build (cause I am too lazy to fiddle around with python stuff)

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this (and didn't get to excited)

Dave out
(listening to music on iTunes even now)


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