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Monday, March 07, 2005


User- "omg this is funny! *URL DELETED*/cute.pif"
Me- "Did one of your friends send you a message saying this recently? 'omg this is funny! *URL DELETED*/cute.pif'"
User- " did you know?"
Me- "Did you click on it?"
User- " did you know?"
Me- "Did you know your pc now has a worm installed on it that goes by the name ofW32/Kelvir-A"
User- " that bad?"
Me- "Take a guess"

Actual conversation. 4 times. 1 Afternoon.
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Its not hard, and the software is so very good and so very easy to use. PLEASE!
*added note* If you have actually been infected please find your local friendly computer geek who will love the challenge of fixing your pc for you, while cursing you under his breath.

Today has not been a good day in many respects.
But in others it has been good. More news on that to follow another time.


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