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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Long update

Well, its been quite busy lately and haven’t really had the time to stop and think about having a good old blog so my apologies to Simon who is probably the only one who checks here regularly.

Lets wind back to Spring Harvest. I spent 10 days up in Skeggy pointing video cameras for the 11-14s age group. It was great fun, got to play with some very nice gear, met some famous (in Christian circles) people and met several important (well for me anyway) people. More on this later.
Anyway I got back from Spring Harvest and pretty much came straight back to Cambridge.

I got back with two whole weeks to finish off my dissertation and get it all handed in, so for two final weeks, that was pretty much all I have been doing. Hence no time to think about anything else. My apologies go out to all my housemates who have put up with me and my moaning these last two weeks.

Not long now before there is nothing else to do, lectures till the 21st May and then 2 exams with the last one on the 1st June.

Now going back to the important people I met at Spring Harvest. It was all decided way back before Easter now, but I needed to make it all official and sort several bits and pieces out before I told the world on here, but finally all (well most) can be revealed.

6 years ago I had been playing guitar for about a year and had a career goal to become a full time worship leader. It was gonna be sweet! I was asking people how they managed it and one guy (Alan Rose current Phatfish guitarist of the time) suggested that I went to Nexus Trust ( . (yeah the college Joely Joel of went to)
Sadly that never took off, I spent more time at the back of the concert hall than at the front and I found that I preferred it there. I was never going to end up being the big name worship leader at the next big Christian festival.
I went to college, took up Music Tech in my second year and then went on to uni to do more of the same.
Part way though my second year, while studying Optimal Phase Binning, I was considering a Masters. Good job the lecturer I wanted to study under left else that’s what I would be doing next.
Instead, as of September, I will be studying again, in Coventry, at Nexus, on their Live Sound Engineering course!

BANG! Now hands up all those who saw this one coming?
Anyone? Nope not me either.

There is a long story explaining it all but somehow I want to bring this story back to the important people I mentioned twice now.
They were all people from my future. Now before you get all excited and think that time travel has been invented, let me explain. The Big Top band on the third week of Skeggy and the live sound engineer in the Big Top were all lecturers from Nexus!
It was very strange to see them and know that soon they would be my teachers. What a long post just to mention something that was weird and sounded much cooler in my head but looks pretty dumb on paper/screen.

So, what is everyone else doing next?


At 7:23 pm, Blogger Liz said...

Oh, yay!!

Keeping up the looooongstanding tradition of having a Luton (yes you are :oP) person there!

Well done, you - I'm sure it'll be perfect for you :o))

(incidentally, the random letters I've gotta enter in the little box to post this are "olvis".... I've never had any that make an actual (kinda)word before!)


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