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Monday, January 09, 2006

Oh! yeah. Its 2006.

Well its 2006.
Stacks of resolutions. (insert 800*600 joke here)
Some already broken. (oh well)
Some that we will have to wait an see about.
Some big changes coming up this year. Example: I hope to graduate, which means finding a job of sorts or something else to fill my time with. Maybe full time blogging. Anyone want to sponsor me for a year? You give me money, I sit here and blog for your pleasure. No? Oh well.

Well everyone seems to be doing these "7 things..." lists so I thought I would steal some and edit them. Note: There may not be exactly 7 in each catagory, I know. Deal with it.

Things I did last year:
I started this blog.
Survived a second academic year of uni.
Spent too much money.
Celebrated Winter-een-mas. (more notes on that in a few weeks)
Started buying DVDs. (see films section further down)

Things I didn't do last year:
Kill anyone.

Learn to drive.
Manage to read all the New Testament.
Date the girl for me.
Blog as often as I wanted to.
Buy all the music I wanted to

Favourite CDs I bought last year:
Delirious – World Service
Depeche Mode – Playing the Angel
John Petrucci – An Evening With John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess
John Petrucci – Suspended Animation
Switchfoot – Nothing Is Sound
Vertical Horizon – Go

Favourite Films/DVDs of last year: (and pretty much ever)
Shawn of the Dead
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill Vols 1 and 2
Reservoir Dogs
Donnie Darko
Ross Noble – Unrealtime

Books I read last year: (not a complete list)
The Bible (obviously)
Catch-22 (twice)
Shock of Your Life – Adrian Holloway
AfterShock - Adrian Holloway

Things to do this year:
Finish learning to drive.
Get a real job.

Blog more often. (and update the design a bit)
Date the girl for me.
Manage to read all the New Testament.
Celebrate Winter-een-mas.
Save money
Spend all the money I save.

Get me a piano and learn to play it.
Read lots more books. Including my new Bible Speaks Today books on Acts and Romans.

Well I best be off, Dad has got me soldering cables for him and it has to be done by Wednesday when I head off Cambridge for my exams.

I promise that when I am back in Cambridge I will start work on the re-design, as I have a few ideas up my sleve.

Dave out for now.