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Monday, March 27, 2006

Actual news post here! (part 2)

Urrrggggghhhhh! How does it happen? You write a news post and then WAM! its like 2 weeks later. Despite this terrible ordeal is seem to be still alive, just.

All I can really remember is that I am 3 of 6 projects later which is good. (that is dependant on my lecturers saying that my work is good enough, we hope to find that out tomorrow) My desktop PC is currently making backups of all my work so that I don't loose it all and then break down and cry.

*think think think, this is meant to be a news post*

ooo I'm going to Sping Harvest, Skegness, 8th to the 18th. Video in the 11-14 tent. Should be fun. Anyone able to help get me there? or get back?

(61% of backup complete)

Not other news that I can think of at the moment but more will come eventually I'm sure.

g.night all

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Actual news post here! (part 1)

Part 1 of an unknown number of parts.

Ok of all the news posts this is going to be the most boring, the longest and probably has the most "geek" factor.

I'm going down with a cold. How rubbish. Every time I got a cold am supprised at just how much snot comes out of your nose! I'm not all that good at my biology n all that, but really? If my body spent more time trying to get better instead of making bogies we would never get colds.

Hmm boring bits first I think, university life and work.

My University course has been progressivly getting worse as the years have gone by, as some may have gathered already. I agree with the idea that in your final year you have to do more "independant learning" but when your lectures just say "Go do a project." with no constraints or guide lines, its pushing it a bit. So I am have made up and now am working on 6 projects all at once. An interesting review of some of the DSP effects in Adobe Audition 2, which Adobe have made look very shiny. A DVD which has a 5.1 surround sound music track on it. A 2000 word report on Music Recommendation systems such as An 8000 word (or equivalent with practical work) report on NINJAM, an online music collaboration project (including a poster). Another 8000 word (or euquivalent) on how to set up a home server for streaming music and finally a Flash presentation on a CD-ROM.

But once I have done all of that (and I am actually probably close to half way through now) and done 2 whole exams I have finished university!! Woooooooo! When you put it in that perspective, I deserve some time off from doing any work I think.

Shiny things I have seen lately

Its not overly a new thing (ie has been around since just before Christmas) but I found a new audio editing application that is for all you people who are currently using Audacity (you poor poor people) Reaper is a fast developing and currently free multi-tracking piece of software. Not much more to say there, but even if you use something like Cubase or Logic, check it out. Its amazingly good for a 1mb download.

I don't watch a huge ammount of telly these days, despite having access to cable because there isn't really much worth watching. However, there are 3 programs that I am currently keeping tabs on. Lost (was a bit late on the uptake for that one and season 1 was just finishing on UK telly when I started) 24, now just over halfway though Day 5, its good to see that it has improved after the dip in Day 4. Lastly there is the new Prison Break, like 24 its less of a soap and more of a film in lots of parts. Its on Chanel 5 (never thought i would recommend a program on that station!) on Mondays at 10pm. Check it out, its highly addictive.

Finally and most exciting of all

I'm going to Finland! Yup, Dave is actually going to be leaving the country! A good friend of mine, Dave Skipper is getting married over there so I am getting me a passport and will be jetting over to Finland for a nice weekend! I can't wait!

Enough news for now. Tune in for more soon (maybe)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Actual news post to follow

The phrase "Making sandwiches" is not a rude euphamism and shouldn't be laughed at. Apparently.

So its been a while since I last informed the world of my comings and goings and to be honest there isn't much to tell, yet. There are many things, changes and bits of news in the pipeline that I want to share with you all, yet I need to confirm them all first. To whet your appeties there is going to be news on what I am doing at the moment (about my coursework and some silly projects I am planning) news on what I am doing and where I am going in the summer AND (big huge drumroll) what I am doing next September!!!

To be honest, by the time most of you read it on here you will already know, just it will make it offically public knowledge.

Looking at it, this post is a bit rubbish really. No real bits of information, no interesting links to follow, just a tantalizing hint that one day I might actually bring something of worth to the table.

I really can't think of anything else to say so its good night from me. La Fin.