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Monday, March 27, 2006

Actual news post here! (part 2)

Urrrggggghhhhh! How does it happen? You write a news post and then WAM! its like 2 weeks later. Despite this terrible ordeal is seem to be still alive, just.

All I can really remember is that I am 3 of 6 projects later which is good. (that is dependant on my lecturers saying that my work is good enough, we hope to find that out tomorrow) My desktop PC is currently making backups of all my work so that I don't loose it all and then break down and cry.

*think think think, this is meant to be a news post*

ooo I'm going to Sping Harvest, Skegness, 8th to the 18th. Video in the 11-14 tent. Should be fun. Anyone able to help get me there? or get back?

(61% of backup complete)

Not other news that I can think of at the moment but more will come eventually I'm sure.

g.night all


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