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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mr. Slow

Firstly, a comedy link to a Google mirror. and yes it really does work.

Ah yes, last time I surfaced, I anounced I was seeing how quickly it would take to format and reinstall windows.

Well, it has turned out to be about a week. My chuffing CD drive died on my about half way through copying the windows files, which left me with a big useless metal case under my desk.
Oh well, by thursday I had a nice new shiny DVD reader/writer but by then I had lost the will to see how quickly it takes so its not untill now that I am happy with how its running again.

Over the last few days there have been a few interesting articles about overclocking your mini-mac, and once again I realise how much I want to get one. They only cost £600 for a decent one. So if there are any really generous people out there, I would be extremly grateful.

(break at 12:30 lunchtime)
(short intermission, while i continue to have a busy busy life)
(starting again at 2:30 next morning)

Ohh Ipod, actually even better than I thought. Got to play with one today. I just need to be convinced about the DRM and the price now, and I will get one. (thought if someone buys me a mac mini, then I might "have" to get one to complete the package.

Well, I have eaten quite a lot today, including a cooked lunch of rice n chicken and far to much cheesecake to top that off. The medium pizza to myself from pizza hut was probably abit to much, but tasted nice and company was most excellent.

But upon getting home I find that one of my lovely housemates has burn her arm with boiling water (not deliberatly) and now have gone to the hospital, the note says they reacon to be back by 10:30, but I am not sure if this means morning or evening.

This isn't a live journal but
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