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Monday, May 30, 2005


Well then, so its been a few days again but now I have some more news n talky stuff about whats been happening to me. (after all this is all about me anyway)

First off, the other weekend (20th May-ish) me and a few mates went on down to Bournemouth for me mates birthday and to watch the FA Cup final. It was all good, especially the footy score, hehehe.

This last week I have been mostly trying to do revision for my exams which start tomorrow. I have one every day Tuesday to Friday, but once they are done, I have finished for the summer!!

Last Friday my Dads HDD died. In a "nope, I'm not going to read anything anymore, ever" kinda death. So a new HDD was bought, a fresh install and update of most stuff later, everything is ok.
Roll on Saturday morning, hmmm gets stuck booting up. Even in Safe Mode. Stops at a file called mup.sys
The internet said that the file was corrupt and that you had to replace it with a fresh copy, but the computer was being a pain and wouldn't let me in to do the swap. To cut an already long story a bit shorter, I eventually took a little 2Gb HDD and installed XP on it, put the 120Gb corrupt install HDD in that PC, copied the file, plugged everything back in how it should be, and voila. It worked. Whole day taken up to do all that. Grrrrr Micro-Gates

New style should be out soon. Just got a few changes to the style sheet left to do and some files to upload. Maybe at the weekend. (or before if I get sick of revision)

I have managed to set up Remote Desktop Connection between my laptop and my desktop which is cool, which means that I can use iTunes and stuff while using my desktop. Hooray.

I also have started to frequent the Counter Strike Source Server used by The Peace Keepers. Its a good friendly server and has a good player rank system setup. See related link for link to their site.

I think thats all for now

see you guys later


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