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Monday, April 11, 2005


Grr, what a mad day I have had.
Bought a new phone (a Nokia 1100) as my old phone (the nokia 3330) would die about 30 seconds into any call made on it. It had finally become unusable, so it had to go.

But then when I got back into uni for my 12 noon lecture, I find out that the guy taking the module has resigned from the uni for personal reasons and wasn't coming back. Which is annoying on many levels, firstly it means that the uni now has to find a replacement lecturer to cover this module, and the replacement certainly will not know what we have done or what was planned. The other problem, and by far the biggest, is that the guy who has left was the guy I had planned to have as my dissertation leader. This is a problem as I am now without a leader and without a project (because the project was in his specialised subject) Yay!
No worries, pressure or stress though, I only have to hand in a draft propsal for said project by Friday!
I have a few ideas that I could possibly use, but I have to decide far to soon.

Ohh I said that I would do some quick movie reviews, (and here is hey I am not doing media studies)
Shaun of the Dead-Hilarious, comedy and zombie film in once. One to watch.
The Job-Looked good, was really rubbish. Simple as that. Don't watch this, its poo.
Jet Li-The Legend - The name says it all.
Kill Bill-Vol1 - Loved it. Sweary, violent, funny, over top in the right places. Quality. Only watch if you don't mind gory.
Kill Bill Vol 2 - Possibly better than the first, but a different type of film. Great ending to the whole story. Also very gory (like someones eye being pulled out) but awesome.
Layer Cake - I loved "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and I loved "Snatch" and I love "Layer Cake" all in the same kind of vein. A must watch.

I think they are all the films I watched and I can't think of much else to write, but I have one or two little projects in the pipe line that I might get to announce in the coming weeks.
Dave out for now


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