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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The last 4 weeks of my life

Ok, so its been nearly a month since I last posted on here, and for that I am sorry for all of you who check on here regularly. Life just got far too busy and I negleted quite a lot of stuff, this being one of them.

Anyway, I am now six university projects lighter, one Phatfish gig later, may cups of tea heavier, and overly tired, but I am here to rant and rave.

University report: I have now finished lectures for this academic year, but I do have exams starting a week today. But my last exam is on the 3rd of June, so soon I will have lots of free time...

Current projects report: "The six week project" - FAILED - boo, I missed a day right near the end of the project which was really annoying, one of my housemates demanded that I took one of the photos off Flickr too so Flickr was 2 photos short and then on Friday, my camera died. I turned it on, the lens came half out and then the mechanism jammed. Just two days short of the end of the project and I managed to use my camera to death!
Donations for a new camera are more than welcome, all proceeds will go towards getting me a Canon Powershot A520 cause its a really good camera.
When I get the new camera I will probably start a new photo project to go with it.

Job report: On the 6th of June (two weeks yesterday) I start back at my old 6th form college, working in the IT Support department again! Alrighty!! Lots of work, lots of pay, I hope to be in the black by the end of the summer.

Computer games report: Ohh I found Red Alert in my wardrobe yesterday, I my have to try to get that running again (I think I need to run it in DOS though) and Black and White, an interesting God sim. There are still no sign as to when STALKER comes out, but we play Counter Strike Source to pass the time.

Film Report: Reservoir Dogs - Definatly one of my favorites, very funny, brilliant directing and an unconventional ending, which is what I like.

Operating Systems report: I am currently downloading Fedora Core 3, and plan to try to get it to run in Virutal PC so that I can spend some time getting to learn how it all works, which may become useful for my dissertation. (more on that in the weeks to come)

I think that is all for now.
I plan to write some more soon, just as long as I have somthing to write about.



At 2:17 am, Blogger Steveybabe said...

Yay, a post at last! Glad its getting less busy now. Thanks for pointing out that new camera. Hadn't seen that pop out on the market but it looks very nice. Now if only it had a fold out screen it would be complete. Glad its 4x zoom now and only 2 batteries rather than my 4. Interesting they're on SD cards now rather than CF.

Ah, the luvic has drawn you back. Glad you got a job for the summer sorted.

Had a lan party last night. *trys not to sound too geeky* 6 player wolfenstein ET was awesome, halo was fun, and UT03 better!!


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