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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Evening folks, I am blogging from my bed tonight, but will not be posting this till morning, when I can get online.

Well I am going back to Cambridge probably as you read this, and now I am going to sum up how I have coped these last few weeks

Annoyingly I can't get online to look at that big list I made up 2 weeks ago to directly compare, but I will sum up anyway

I layed down some of my "ideas" on piano, recording direct to laptop, which was cool. Listening to them now is quite interesting, as some of those ideas have already changed as I played them through out these few weeks

I heard from some sound companies saying "sorry we have no work, but we will keep you in mind" which could be useful or it could just be an easy way to forget about me, but we will see.

Bashed through, nearly but not all the way, HL2 on medium (in celebration of Wintereenmas) and played an insane amount of CounterStrike:Source

Did a lot of work on my website which, soon I promise, will be going live here

Started emailing lots of people about cells for the CU

Sorted out my printer

Found out that Dell can't make good USB ports for laptops, and therefore my Lacie HDD (designed to be powered over USB2 or 6-pin firewire) is like a little grey box. It works fine on other laptops but not mine. Curses upon you Dell!!!

Just today I helped a friend move into a nice big new house, Good luck with that Nat and Shazz.

I watched all of season 3 of 24, was about as believeable as the first two, and I am intrigued as to how they have any characters left to make a 4th series (which is now on the telly)

Found my old PCG mag that had info about Stalker (found it while packing)

Did a lot of reading, inc. this

Saw nearly nothing of a good friend, who by the way need a good fish slapping, because of his lady friend

Blinded people with science and evoked "dummy mode" on non-computer/non-techical people just by using accronyms

And much more that I can't think of right now, but will remeber when I look at my big list

anyways, I am pretty tired and I have an early (for me anyways) start

Dave out


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