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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday Evening mumble

eeep! having watched this a few times now, it is even more believeable than before
As I sit here using Blogger and tell my friends on MSN to "Stop asking me stupid questions, go bother Google!!"
I realise that Google is slowly taking over my life.
Google Labs has become a place of interest and fun, seeing and testing what is up and coming.
Google Suggest has been my home page since it came out, and true it has one or two annoying quirks, I still love it.

In other news, Church was good today, was nice to be home and in my home church. It does feel a bit weird though, as there are hardly any people university age there at the moment, so I feel a little bit odd and left out. But its all good, Mark preached an ace sermon this evening all about Nehemiah 4.

Can you believe I actually WANT it to be term time at uni now. I want to just get back into the swing of things. (I may also want to see certain people but I don't think its wise to talk lots about it here, just a mention that there is a secret will drive anyone mad :) hehehe)

ouh! i am all sleepy. how nice
i think i will go to bed in a bit


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