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Sometimes its Brie, sometimes its Kraft, either way its still cheese.

Monday, January 31, 2005


For those of you who are interested, today/nights link is to my test blog, its just an old blog I used to keep, just before I went off to uni. Now it is relegated to millions of republishes as I try to mold somthing nice.

I am quite pleased with it so far, I eventually will probably link to CSS (if I can)
There are a few images still to be created and to go up, and I have to decide where/how I am going to host a "links" page as proposed. I also have to decided on where exactly I want the text, padded? margined? floated? I dunno, but thats somthing I can do later.

I think overall I am on track for the start of semester release date that I had planned for, but who knows.


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