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Friday, January 28, 2005


Every so often blogger seems to crash on me while trying to publish a new post, it obviously did so yesterday and thus there wasn't anything up, so here goes...


Command and Conqueror and C&C:Red Alert were both many hours of frustration and enjoyment for me in my younger years.
I remeber my big brother getting C&C in a bargain box set once and being hooked on it ever since. I got Red Alert almost as soon as it came out. Somtimes I wish I had an old win 98/dos box on which to play some of these games properly. Even with the Compatability mode in XP it doesn't play right.

What can I say? if you have never played any of the games i mention this week, you are missing out on some of the finest games ever, games that have set benchmarks in my life.

Well enough ramblings I got people to see and places to go


Hurrar for postin it on a forum too so that I can just copy/paste

and in to todays...

Rockstar Games

where would we be without you?
probably sitting in big fields playing with bunny rabbits or somthing
instead we can run around big cities, stealing cars, preforming drive-bys generally killing people and working with the mafia.

so thankyou very much for the whole GTA series, and all the work you have done to prove computer games cause violence in children...even if your games have an 18+ rating on them

Right I'm off to run some people over and then maybe blow up some police cars, for fun

Dave *twitch* out


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