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Saturday, January 29, 2005

How to get A-head in navigating

Yarr!! Avast!!
Yes Monkey Island (1 and 2) are one of the many reasons that Lucas Arts gets my many thanks.
Puzzle games galore, including Grim Fandango, wasted many hours of my life working out and then "performing" the necessary clicks to complete the games.

So thankyou Lucas Arts (and Mr Lucas himself for some film thingy he did once)

Now to other matters at hand. Its a baptism again tomorrow at my church, which is very cool. Yes we did have one three weeks ago, but we are have another one, which brings the 2005 total to 5!! Already! God rules.

Sadly there is no news on if and when my external hdd will arrive, and I for one am quite inpatient now. My desktop PC is seriously in need of a format and reinstall.

I say this seemingly everyday, but the new theme is coming along nicly now. I am very happy with it. Not long now I don't think before it gets "implemented" Just a few IE vs CSS snags which are quite annoying, but I think I know how to work around those.

Well thats about all for now, I might post again later tonight after my next "coding" session

Dave out (for now)


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