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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thankyou ID software

Opps, just realised that I didn't post anything on here this morning (despite updating else where) so...

"Today we will be thanking ID Software for providing us with Wolfenstein 3D!
Probably the first game I every seriously played and completed.

Oh yeah, they also brought Doom and Quake into the scene too
Cheers for that"

Thats all for today, I fired up my Virtual Win 98 PC and had a quick roam on the demo of Wolf 3D again, oh the hours I spent playing this game. I can still get 100% on the first 3 levels on the hardest settings with ease. oh well

Briefly, I am making steaming progress with the new style, but the fact that IE and FF read CSS differently is flaming annoying!!! AUGH! (and yes I am using valid XHTML/CSS before you say anything)


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