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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Ok major update now, I have discovered my prime webcoding time is around 12-2 AM

I seem to make more progress or learn more about how CSS and XHTML work in that period than at any other time of day. Its quite disconcerting.
We have had a minor setback in the release of the new style/site in that I found the template I was using far too compliated and am now re-writting it. Not from scratch but going through it and trying to workout why certain lines are there.
I need to find a page on Blogger which explains its coding system to me, but it seems very similar to CityDesk and I really should go and buy this book by Eric Meyer as its very useful.

As for living arrangements for the next 2 weeks, I currently plan on staying here at my parents house, spending as little money as possible. However, this could all change if I can get engineerin work anywhere, I might go back to Cambridge or be trying to find floorspace in Reading or Londen.

As most people who know me now know, my sister is getting married (hurrar!) and the date is looking like its around the end of the summer. Now back many eons ago, when my brother got married, my mum made me grow my hair and have the classic "curtains" look. I wasn't too hot on the look and pretty much as soon as I could I shaved it back to a #3 all over and its pretty much stayed that way ever since. Until these last 4 months (well Sepember to Christmas) when it didn't get cut at all. True it was getting pretty long (by my standards) and not all that neat (due to it just growing with no "styling" going on) but it was getting close to a point when I could have gone into a stylist hair place thingy and asked them to do somthing with it. I reacon that I have around 6-7 months before my sisters wedding and plan to see if i can get my hair trimmed (neatened up) every few weeks, partly to encourage it to grow, partly to stay respectable, and to then get it made all funky at the last minute. If I like it, I guess it will stay. Whos up for bets on it all coming off again though?

Here is a short long list of things I can think of that I want/need/must do over the next two weeks:
  • Check out "All Life is Here", a study guide on 1 Timothy from St Matthias Press, with a view to using it for the Christian Union small groups (not home groups cause one of them is held on campus in a room we book out)
  • Visit friends who still live here at home
  • Read some more of Terry Virgo's book "Gods Lavish Grace"
  • Record some of the piano/guitar tunes I have created, or aleast get the basic ideas down for further ammusement.
  • Get out my clarinet (shhhh don't tell my mum! I may have given up learning it properly but that doesn't mean that I don't want to play it. Just like the piano...)
  • Order and Change the strings on Dad's 12-string guitar
  • Sort out all my money and plan ahead as far as possible (because I am that bad with money, and having a plan/timetable makes me feel safe)
  • Download some more free stuff from the MSDN-AA that my university signed up for (its so cool getting all this free Microsoft stuff!)
  • Oh yeah, finish the coding for this site and make it with the interests of the next point which is to...
  • ...seriously think about buying some hosting package and getting a domain name and starting to put some of my photos online
  • take more photso
  • stop making crazy lists of things to do
  • fill in a form for a job that i can't actually have at the moment because I am not available on one of the 2 days I apparently "have" to work, but would still like the work/job as its playing with computers, fixing/upgrading/installing etc.
  • learn to blog quicker (currently 2:05, I started this at 1:28)
  • purchase an external HDD that I can use powered off the USB ports
  • when the above is complete, format my desktop and reinstall XP (one of my favorite past times)
  • try to convince more people to switch over to real and quick alternatives and therefore Windows Media Player Classic
  • decide on whether I stick with Gaim or not (I like it a lot but it misses some features that MSN has such as webcamming)
  • Purchase a wireless something, router or AP not sure yet, maybe even both for simplicity sake. Will rant another time on why I want/need both
  • Solder lots of cables (well about 5) to maintain my cabling collection.
  • Buy a Kensington Keylock for this laptop
  • Finally sort out my printer -just a quick recap and update on the HP Printer/Scanner/Copier saga.

Bought a PSC 1315
Tempremental printing habbits
Eventually diagnosed by HP Online Support as Hardware Fault "call this number to get a replacement"
Turns out "this number" is HP Phone Support
Phone support doesn't talk to Email support
Eventually its agreed (again) that I need a replacement
"Yes it will be delievered on the 11th of Jan sir"
It didn't come
I ring HP
"Sorry Sir we meant the 19th"
Grrrr, could have let me know...
It comes
It doesn't work!
Different problem though
"Yes sir that is a hardware fault again, will send you a replacement for tuesday next week"
"but I am not going to be here then"
they send a replacement express and arrange for UPS to collect 2 printers (the duff ones) from me
UPS comes, but has orders to only take 1 printer
OK, someones messup there
printer #3 also faulty
ring HP at lunch on the Thursday
"OK will get our Customer Service team to call you this afternoon"
"sorry got an exam, will not be in, how about you ring first thing tomorrow"
friday morning come
friday morning goes
i ring HP
do a shouty bit at them
someone calls me back within the hour
offers me brand new upgraded printer for my troubles
that should be arriving Monday
hopfully one sattisfied customer

Anyways, battery is about to die on this (after nearly 3 hours of use) so I will go to bed now and edit this in the morning


Edit Sunday Evening:
This post was written in the small hours of today, but I didn't get round to posting them online untill now (they also needed a few changes, but it should be ok now)
Happy reading


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Hmm... reminds me of your list of what stress is which you left nicely in my folder for me at college.


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