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Friday, January 21, 2005


Well! It would appear that my extreme funk style is nearly ready to be let loose out onto this edition of the blog!

Oh yeah, my exams are all done now! Hurrar! but it means that I have nothing to do for the next 2 weeks.
If there is anyone out there reading this who wants to give me some paid work, that would be great. In the mean time, I have written to a few companies to see if they will give me more work this space.

Not much else to report, I am still thinking about getting a little graphics tablet, like the A6 Wacom ones and creating a sort of "webcomic" by a non-arty type.
*digs around for old paypal account*
soon I will be accepting donations via paypal (i think/hope) though probably not untill i introduce the new theme/site

Anyways enough for now, i am sleepy
Dave out


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