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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Honest Music

I don't seem to have blogged about this yet so here goes.
About a year and a half ago I decided that I should make my music collection legal, ie having paid for it, was given it or legally downloaded it for free, and I deleted near 10 Gb of an accumulated collection.
Sad times, I missed a lot of the music that I had amassed because obviously some if it was awesome. Anyway skip forward to last week, digging around in my piles of old computer bits for some spare hard drives and what do I find? My old hard drive, one which I was using before I deleted most of my music but then upgraded to a newer drive, copied all my music across and neglected to delete. Woo! Talk about a trip down memory lane. Approx 3,000 songs, over 250 hours of music, some epic tunes, some silly clips from the Simpsons, Budweiser adverts and some stuff that I can't even remember where or why I have it.
Now, while before I would have just deleted it all again, I had a better idea. Buy it all!

Okay, you can breath again now, I'm not actually going to buy it all, as some if it is either not available on CD (live bootlegs) or was free anyway (film clips) or I have since bought it anyway, but I am going to go though it all (a lot of it will be fairly easy as I was quite organised) and decide on if I if I enjoyed my (slightly over) "30 day trial" of the tracks I have, then search iTunes (and others) and start to purchase the songs. I am also going though making a list of just artists to "explore" and albums to check out. Hopefully this way, my music collection will again grow and become a fuller, and better collection and have my old cool music too.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this post makes complete sense because I have been going though the music even as I type, so every 3 mins or so I have to stop and edit my lists.

Right well I need to stop here so that I can get ready for bed as I need to start getting to bed earlier (ie like 11pm not 1am)

Dave out

PS Coldplay “X&Y” and Oasis “Don’t believe the truth” are two must buy albums


At 3:52 pm, Blogger David said...

Well done mate!! I started doing the whole buying of music a while back but have since slowed down to a pretty much non-existant pace. I now have a very large collection of music (over 80GB now) - most of which I listen to (although there are some I've just got because I got them for other people and haven't bothered to delete them) I still intend to go through the collection and try and buy some of it but I just can't afford to really (could use all my overdraft just on music!) Good luck with your plan!


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