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Monday, June 13, 2005

An experiment...

Kind of a geeky post here, so none computery types, you can stop reading here if you want.

Linux: (live on CD)
Last summer I was introduced to Knoppix. A distro of linux which you could boot and run off CD. It was fun to play with, but was a but sketchy running on my desktop.
Recently I was having a peak as some of the newer variants which deal with network security such as the Auditor
However, this flavour and most others don't support the Intel Centrino wireless card in my Dell :( Not discouraged I continued my quest. Then this article appeared. "Cracking WEP in 10 minutes"
Its quite worrying really, watching it done. I decided to have a look at Whoppix (the distro used in the video)
Recently they released 2.7.1 minor release which as it states on their home page
"fixes several issues, such as support for Centrino wifi 2100 and 2200 drivers..."

That includes me!! So guess who is using the college 10Mb connection to suck down the ISO and is going to be having a play tonight!!

Thats all for now


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