Grated Cheese

Sometimes its Brie, sometimes its Kraft, either way its still cheese.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


My dearest (and only) brother hath written a new song. Its quite good, if a little risque.
I wonder if I can get away with playing it in CU...

Quick update on my rather nice timetable for this semester. It RULES!! Tuesdays I will be finished by 11am at the latest which is most excellent. On Wednesdays I was expecting to have a module taught by one of my more "boring" lectures, but this year the uni changed it all round and now we have a better lecturer. Doesn't sound like lots but it makes a huge difference to the module. Not a lot else has happened as of late, Christian Union start meeting up again on Thursday evenings, I start officially thinking about my dissertation tomorrow which is quite scary and I am not really thinking about what I am typing, so I think I will leave it till tomorrow, when I might make some sence


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