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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Rain rain rain

Ho hum, its raining quite heavy round here at the moment and there is a nice huge thunderstorm that has been going on for ages!

Anyway, enough about the weather, its time for "Programs and/or websites that Dave thinks are great"

Website one: So just how good is Dave at Counter Strike Source?? Well its good for a laugh anyway.

Program one: Like Risk? Love taking over the world? Got a thing for killing everyone else? me neither! However, Lux is a very good little port of Risk to the computer without taking over your whole PC. Available from Sillysoft here.

Website two: Quality photo/image hosting with upload limits rather than storage limits

Program two: Do you have a long blog roll? Read hundreds of online comics every day? Like to get the breaking news as it happens? Then a news feeder/feed burner/RSS reader/whatever you want to call them, is what you need. Sharpreader is just fantastic and I use it to keep taps on over 30 sites all day every day. Get it. (As a small note, I have been working on some batch files which allow you to run Sharpreader off a memory stick, which is useful if you use more than one pc but want to take your feeds with you simpily. More on those when they are finished I think.)

Program three!!! Whoah this list is getting long. This one goes out to all those who are too poor to own a Mac with Tiger installed. Konfabulator. Its effectivly a Dashboard for Windows (and OS X actually) Again, check out the website and you will see what its all about. But its so cool and very handy. All that needs to be done is to create a Blogger widget and I will be a jolly happy bunny.

Well I think thats all for now.

See you guys later


At 4:54 pm, Blogger Steveybabe said...

Nice selection of programs, here's my personal favourite: synergy - '[noun] a mutually advantageous conjunction of distinct elements' Check it out. If you have 2 or more computers nearby you can use your single keyboard and mouse to control each one (if connected via a network), even does cut and paste. So here I am in the office with 2 dev machines and 3 screens, happily using them as if they were 3 screens in a row. Is very satisfying.

Makes for some great puzzles too. You can set which screen you move to if you move the mouse off the top, right, bottom, or left edges. So if you mess it up, you could make a circle - like leave the screen on the far right and appear on the far left or even leave the middle screen at the top and appear on your mates computer on the other side of the room!!!

It rocks


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