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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Ok, so I have spent the afternoon doing lots of updates to the web design. I have practically done a full re-write of the CSS. Now before you shout at me, saying what a bad idea it is/was let me explain.
I had pretty much got my design into place with the old version, but it was rather messy and I wasn't all too clear about what was going on. So I went though the XHTML listing all the possible bits of code I needed to define and about halfway though, I realised I had been using the id and the class tags incorrectly which meant that I had done some pretty interesting CSS. (this wasn't the only mistake I found, but it was one of the more major ones)
This meant that I practically had to start again anyway, but with most of the style completely useable, just a copy and paste jobby.
If you check out the related link you will find a nifty site which I used so that now I can include the "footer" that I wasn't expecting to be able to use.

Anyways, I still got some work to go on the change over, but I have spent an afternoon feeling all smug because now the template is a neat efficient bit of coding. (oh and its easially adaptable, as all good CSS should be)

oh and finally click this Tis some of the shiny smoothest website designs I have seen in a while, and the content is an interesting read too

Thats all for now
Off to the pub with friends tonight

Dave out


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