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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Who I am in Christ (and a general update)

In Christ I am born again. 100% FACT See John 3 for more info. (Link goes to

So, whats that all about eh? And where has Dave been for the last 3 months pretty much? What has he been doing with his life?

Well, weekend ending today I was on the church student weekend with lots of folks from Cambridge Uni. It was, as always ace, yet this year was slightly different. While I didn't have an agenda, I did, for the first time, go expecting God to do something right from day 1. In the past I have had my mind set on far to many other things, and had to be "warmed up" to the idea that God was gonna speak to me.
This year however God had started doing stuff in the week leading up to the weekend, making me more and more aware of things in my life that I needed to address and things in that I wanted him to do.
Ooh boy did He speak or what! Once again God blows me away with just how mysteriously He works. I would be sitting in a meeting and there would be a time for praying and I would be writing in a little notebook I carry round (My mum would be proud, its the most actually writing I do these days, but she would hate how messy it is) things that God was saying to me, or offering things up to Him, and suddenly someone up the front would start talking about exactly what I had written down but even more "weird" I would then go up for prayer and some guys would come to pray for me and it was like they were reading my notebook and praying it for me too! It was so amazing. I was shown just how much God loves me. (Will give you a clue, its lots more than lots)

Anyway I have come away from that weekend massively changed, a new view on life, love and happiness. (and the Holy Ghost) One of the other things I got from the weekend was a really handy list of some of the things we are and have in Christ. I plan to list some of them and some links to verses that show it in the Bible. Just so you know whats going on.

In other news now,
Its week 11 of 12! Nooooo, I have so much more work to do and I really should be catching up on sleep, but no I am on here writting in my "memoires" oh well

Ohh yeah, the other week 3 guys and a girl all got baptised at my home church which was fantastic. Some of them I have watched grow up (as I know thier older brothers) so it was extra cool in many ways. That weekend my bro, his wife and kids, my sister and her husband and I were all at my parents house which was really cool as we havn't had a huge get together for ages. Was really good.

I have ditched open office almost completely, the PowerPoint in it isn't very good, and of all the packages available PowerPoint was the one I needed to work the best. So I ditched it completely (cause I didn't want the hassle of running two office suites at the same time)

Grr, my mind has broken now. I have lost all ability to think what else has happened/is happening/going to happen that I want to tell you all about (yes thats both of you) more tomorrow maybe (must stop making promises about what else I am going to be doing tomorrow)


At 10:18 pm, Blogger Pet Geek said...

Who was it getting baptised? Anyone I know or was it part of the new crowd?

Have had about 5 or 6 baptisms in the last month up here. It's always fun 'cos the baptistry we use is a hired one, and is really small. It's a logistic nightmare in order to avoid damaging the head/neck/spine of anyone over 5 foot 3.


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