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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Printer Issues!

Flipin' heck! what a saga.

i bought a HP all-in-one printer recently (well back at the start of October) and it has been seemingly tempromental. So i contact HP support via emails, very good service, replys within the hour everytime, and the guy there came to the conclusion that I needed to get it replaced and said to contact the shop I got it from about swap outs.

So, I get in touch with Ebuyer about gettting a returns number for it. This is the first time I have been dissapointed in Ebuyer but they took 2 weeks to tell me that HP are the people to speak to about replacements.

So I give HP a ring, ohh thats nice, HP support email and HP support phone don't talk to each other. So troubleshooting again over the phone, with this chap who was very helpful untill suddently he has a brainwave and realises that the PSC 1310 range of printers don't work with Office 2003. Woo! go HP! He then realises that this is a long phonecall and tells me to hang up and he rings me back! Woo go HP! (again)
He then explains that if I use certain drivers off the HP site it should work, but its a 300Mb download so I should go try it and if it doesn't work call back. so I am sitting here waiting for this download to come.

Well thats all for now, I am sure that over the next few days there will be some more exciting tech support stories to come.

Dave out


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